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Advice from the Ocean

Advice from the Ocean

Item Price Qty Size
Advice from the Ocean Stone T-Shirt T-Shirt 18.99
Advice from the Ocean Stone Sweatshirt Sweatshirt 26.99
Advice from the Ocean Stone Embroidered Hat Embroidered Hat 17.99
Advice from the Ocean Stone Mug Mug 12.99
Design Close-Up

Design #262
Color: Stone

Be shore of yourself | Come out of your shell | Take time to relax and coast | Avoid pier pressure | Sea life's beauty | Don't get tide down | Make waves!

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Customer reviews for "Advice from the Ocean" design

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  • Rating:

    You missed the perfect opportunity to say "Don't get TIDE down." Published 4 months ago by Cy (Chicago, IL 60654)

  • Rating:

    Excellent quality and fun to wear. Lots of happy smiles from people looking at it. Published 9 years ago by By Bill D (Tucson, AZ )

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