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Advice Horse

Advice Horse

Item Price Qty Size
Advice Horse Cardinal Red T-Shirt T-Shirt 20.99
Advice Horse Cardinal Red Ladies T-Shirt Ladies T-Shirt 20.99
Advice Horse Cardinal Red Embroidered Hat Embroidered Hat 19.99
Advice Horse Cardinal Red Coffee Mug Coffee Mug 14.99
Design Close-Up

Design #960
Color: Cardinal Red

Take life's hurdles in stride | Loosen the reins | Be free spirited | Keep the burrs from under your saddle | Carry your friends when they need it | Keep stable | Gallop to greatness.

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Customer reviews for "Advice Horse" design

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  • Rating:

    This was the first one I found in 2001 and have had so many compliments on it and everyone wants to know the advice and where I got it. It is a great red. I've had to buy a second as I wore the first one out by 2017. It kept its color well. This is my favorite and our of all of my "advice from" t-shirts it gets the most attention. Published 3 years ago by Chris (Atlanta, GA 30329)

  • Rating:

    My favorate t-shirt.. I plan to get other styles too. Published 1 decade ago by By zoey (Atlanta, -- )

  • Rating:

    Love the horse advice and the color Published 1 decade ago by By Chris (Atlanta, -- )

  • Rating:

    I got this shirt for my mother for Christmas. She loves horses, she loves the color of the shirt, and she loves the catchy advice the shirt offers. Published 1 decade ago by By jjf (Chicago, IL )

  • Rating:

    Gift for granddaughter who loves horses Published 1 decade ago by By gma (Sheboygan, WI )

  • Rating:

    I bought this shirt for a friend and myself because we were going through a rough time with a horse we shared and both loved very much. Now that we have lost him I still have my shirt which I love to wear in his memory and honor. If you love horses you will love this shirt!! Published 2 decades ago by By Horsegirl (Louisville, KY )

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