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Dog Therapist

Item Price Qty Size
Dog Therapist White T-Shirt T-Shirt 18.99
Dog Therapist White Mug Mug 12.99
Design Close-Up

Design #250
Color: White

You'll never find a cuter therapist. (And the t-shirt is pretty nice, too!)

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Customer reviews for "Dog Therapist" design

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  • Rating:

    I personally love this shirt! It is comfortable and it is such a great message. I get stopped all the time and told that the shirt is cute and that everyone who is a dog lover pretty much agrees with the saying. Published 9 years ago by By Flutterbye (Kendallville, IN )

  • Rating:

    This is a great wetnose statement. Nothing beats a cold wet nose! Published 9 years ago by By Cold Wet Noser (Dallas, Texas )

  • Rating:

    I volunteer and am a board member with a rescue group and intended to wear this to adoption functions. I was very disapointed with the length of this shirt. The others I received in this order were much longer. I will not feel comfortable wearing this garment. Published 1 decade ago by By We Care volunteer (Mesquite NV, -- )

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