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Tough Old Bird

Item Price Qty Size
Tough Old Bird White T-Shirt T-Shirt 18.99
Tough Old Bird White Sweatshirt Sweatshirt 26.99
Tough Old Bird White Mug Mug 12.99
Tough Old Bird White Pint Glass Pint Glass 12.99
Design Close-Up

Design #319
Color: White

Tough Old Bird Eagle Coffee Mug

The head may be white, but the mind is sharp, and that stare is sharper! One Bird you don't want to mess with!

  • Mug capacity is 15 oz.
  • Microwavable
  • Dishwasher Safe
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Customer reviews for "Tough Old Bird" design

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    Gift for my boyfriend, he loves it. It faded when washed. Other than that it is GREAT!! Published 6 years ago by By Glitterbug (Missouri, -- )

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