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What Birdseed

Item Price Qty Size
What Birdseed Black T-Shirt T-Shirt 18.99
What Birdseed Black Mug Mug 12.99
Design Close-Up

Design #252
Color: Black

Those squirrels may try to play innocent, but anyone with a bird feeder knows better!

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Customer reviews for "What Birdseed" design

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  • Rating:

    I feed the squirrels and the birds and this shirt perfectly describes my crafty critters. Love it! Published 10 years ago by By Shelli (Wichita, KS )

  • Rating:

    This tee shirt gets a chuckle from just about everyone, particularly those who feed birds. Most say, "Isn''t it the truth?" Published 10 years ago by By April (Cleveland, NC )

  • Rating:

    I gave this shirt as a gift to my mother who hates squirrels and she is still laughing about it and wears it proudly for all to see. Published 10 years ago by By JR of NY (Big Flats, New York )

  • Rating:

    The quality material and print was better than expected. Published 10 years ago by By Wheels (Stanford IL, -- )

  • Rating:

    Got this for a gift for someone who feeds the birds and battles the squirrels. Published 10 years ago by By By By By (Marysville Ohio, -- )

  • Rating:

    Beautiful and perfect Published 10 years ago by By Sheltie Woman (Sellersville, PA )

  • Rating:

    Love the shirt as it washes beautifully. High quality. Published 10 years ago by By A gardener through and through (Southwest Missouri, -- )

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