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Advice Wolf

Item Price Qty Size
Advice Wolf Sports Grey T-Shirt T-Shirt 20.99
Advice Wolf Sports Grey Sweatshirt Sweatshirt 29.99
Advice Wolf Sports Grey Embroidered Hat Embroidered Hat 19.99
Advice Wolf Sports Grey Coffee Mug Coffee Mug 14.99
Design Close-Up

Design #994
Color: Sports Grey

Trust your instincts | Be at home in nature | Keep your den clean | Stand fur what you believe | Stay on track | Howl with your friends | Be a leader | Pack life with good memories!

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Customer reviews for "Advice Wolf" design

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  • Rating:

    Excellent color and texture Published 1 decade ago by By Sheltie woman (Sellersville, PA )

  • Rating:

    This shirt was a gift that was very well recieved by my sister. She loved the sayings and it fit perfectly. Published 1 decade ago by By Number 44 (Baldwinsville, NY )

  • Rating:

    Enjoyed the sayings on this shirt. Published 1 decade ago by By Dave, Lover of all Animals (Wesley Chapel, Florida )

  • Rating:

    I bought the Advice from a river shirt for myself and gave the Advice from a wolf shirt to my grandson. My family loves animals and nature and these shirts are wonderful! Published 1 decade ago by By Gail the outdoor girl (Sacramento, Calif. )

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