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Bird Splats

Item Price Qty Size
Bird Splats Steel Blue T-Shirt T-Shirt 19.99
Bird Splats Steel Blue Tin Sign Tin Sign 22.99
Design Close-Up

Design #942
Color: Steel Blue

Featuring bird splats from these well-known favorites: Mourning Dove, Northern Cardinal, Chimney Swift, Rock Dove “Pigeon,” European Starling, Common Raven, Red-Headed Woodpecker, Barn Swallow, California Gull, Red-Winged Blackbird, Common Grackle, Blue Jay, American Crow, American Robin, Carolina Chickadee, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Purple Martin, House Sparrow, Yellow Warbler, Northern Mockingbird

  • Pre-shrunk 100% cotton makes a soft fit that never changes
  • Seamless collar won't chafe
  • Double-needle stitched neckline, sleeves and bottom hem for durability
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