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Online Dating

Item Price Qty Size
Online Dating Aquatic Blue T-Shirt T-Shirt 19.99
Online Dating Aquatic Blue Ladies T-Shirt Ladies T-Shirt 19.99
Design Close-Up

Design #147
Color: Aquatic Blue

Let's face it, Online Dating is for the birds! But it is an easy way to peck up a cheep date....

This great new design from Wendy Russell (formerly Wendy Wegner) is a great reminder of the fun - and romance - in bird watching.

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Customer reviews for "Online Dating" design

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  • Rating:

    I received this shirt as a gift several years ago and it quickly became my favorite shirt. It''s soft, comfortable, and the color looks good on me. The only thing I don''t like is that it isn''t good for hiking in our rainy climate, because the thick cotton fabric gets soaked and doesn''t dry until you take it home and dry it. I wore it almost everywhere else, and it got so faded it really wasn''t fit to wear away from home. I was so happy to find a new one here! This one is a gift to myself. Published 8 years ago by By Outdoor Gal (Hagerstown, MD )

  • Rating:

    Very cleaver and cute casual wear. Published 1 decade ago by By Dee (Maplewood, MN )

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